Top Shelf Service!
I recently had my trike serviced at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson and couldnt be happier with the customer service that I received. And thats an understatement! I had them order and install Lighted Hand Control Switches and Im very happy with the upgrade. Ive read in other forums from folks with CVO models that have this feature already installed new from the factory and they were not impressed with the level of illumination and suggested it might not be worth the extra expense. I think thats because they never had to ride without the benefit of lit switches. As someone who rides at night in the desert with very minimal ambient lighting on the roads other than the stars, I can attest that this upgrade to lighted switches is well worth the money and wish Id done it sooner. Another benefit to having my trike serviced at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson was being able to communicate with the mechanic working on my trike which is not a given at all HD dealerships. As I was preparing to leave with my newly installed switches I asked my mechanic a few questions about how I can improve the headlight dispersement because my LED auxiliary lights would turn off whenever I turn my high beam headlight on. Before I knew it he had his magic box out and with the stroke of a key and before I needed to take my helmet back off he flashed my trike and Shazam!Now anytime I have my auxiliary button depressed those auxiliary lights stay on until I press that button again regardless of the high beam setting. My thanks go out to OG Eric, Mike, Duane and of course my mechanic, Jesse! (Employee: Jesse Pererra)
Rick Griffith
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